GCW Joint Stock Company is a member of WTP Group, founded by leading experts with over 20 years of experience in "Leadership Liberation" consulting, aimed at enhancing business management and administration.

We aspire to be the leading business management partner in Vietnam, addressing the "Strategic to Execution Human Resource Management" challenges for the robust and sustainable development of enterprises.

About us

Facing and addressing strategic Human Resource Management issues in alignment with business strategies involves organizing and operating the HR system to meet the demands of attracting, recruiting, and efficiently utilizing labor while complying with legal regulations.

The company needs to raise investment capital 

Meeting investor requirements involves having a clear Human Resource Management strategy, a professional HR management team, an efficient HR management system, and a strong and distinct corporate culture

FDI Company 

We need to find a reliable partner to help address issues related to recruitment and labor management in compliance with Vietnam's labor and tax laws. This includes support with investment procedures, accounting, taxation, auditing, and effective supply chain connections.

Our customers

The company is experiencing rapid growth
Modern management mindset

Provide modern management solutions to "unlock leadership potential" allowing the Board of Directors to focus on the business mission.

Efficient operational organization

Provide professional outsourced Human Resource Management services from strategy to execution to enhance competitive capabilities.

Growing together

Not only do we act as a partner in human resource management, but the WTP Group's business support ecosystem also addresses challenges in Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Tax, and Capital Raising.

Our different values

Compliance and cost optimization

Acting as an experienced and highly skilled advisor, we ensure compliance with legal regulations and the effective utilization of policies to optimize costs.

Our services

Human Resource Strategy Consulting

Building and Organizing the Human Resources Department

Human resource recruitment

Outsource Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)

Compliance Oversight and Cost Optimization for Salary, Social Insurance, and Taxes

Our ecosystems

GCW JSC is a member of the WTP Group, providing professional Outsourcing Management solutions "from strategy to execution" to accompany and support businesses in achieving breakthrough and efficiency. The companies within the WTP Group's business support ecosystem include:

Outsourced Strategic Consulting Services

Outsourced Marketing - Sales Consulting and Implementation Services

Outsourced Financial Accounting Consulting and Implementation Services

Outsourced Human Resources Management Consulting and Implementation Services

Outsourced Digital Transformation Consulting and Deployment Services

Capital Raising and Investment Consulting Services


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