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Identifying Opportunities and Challenges

In the era of global integration, Vietnam is at a turning point in its quest to become the "Asian tiger." Alongside opportunities come significant challenges for Vietnamese businesses, facing various barriers in strategic thinking, organizational operations, and effective human resource management to compete and expand their reach. The founders of GCW JSC see the immense potential of domestic enterprises and also recognize that to truly succeed and go global, businesses need professional support and guidance.

GCW's business story

A team of experts with years of experience

Deep expertise and readiness to accompany strategy to execution as specialized advisors and independent board members support effective human resources management by the Board of Directors to achieve business goals.

Providing consulting services and professional operation

Owning the ecosystems of professional subsidiary companies providing outsourced management services including: Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Financial Accounting Tax, Human Resources, Digital Transformation…

Collaborate with many investment funds and foreign groups

With a team of experts with many years of experience in M&A consulting and investment capital raising, we are ready to collaborate and connect with potential strategic and financial investors, both domestic and international, to facilitate effective capital access.

Connecting a diverse global export network

Possessing an ecosystem of marketing and sales companies for both domestic and export markets to over 20 countries worldwide, we are ready to advise and support Vietnamese businesses in joining the global supply chain.

Reason to collaborate with us?

The company is experiencing rapid growth

Dealing with addressing strategic human resources management issues aligned with business strategy, and organizing human resources operations to meet the needs of effective labor attraction, recruitment, and utilization while complying with legal regulations.

The company needs to raise investment capital

It's necessary to meet the requirements of investors, including clear strategic human resources management planning, a professional human resources management team, an effective human resources management system, and a strong and distinct corporate culture.

FDI Company 

It's necessary to seek reliable partners to help address issues related to recruitment and labor utilization in compliance with Vietnamese labor and tax laws. Support should also be provided for investment procedures, accounting, taxation, auditing, and efficient supply chain connections.

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