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Compliance Oversight and Cost Optimization for Salary, Social Insurance, and Taxes

1. Human Resources Management Strategy Consulting

Risk issues 

Lack of Human Resources Management Strategy aligned with Business Strategy can lead to significant risks for the business:

  • Human resource shortages.

  • Surplus labor leading to wastage and conflicts.

  • Inability to attract, develop, and retain talent.

GCW's solution 

The professional "Human Resources Management Strategy" consulting service provided by GCW company helps businesses:

  • Plan and mitigate risks related to human resources.

  • Improve the efficiency of recruitment and labor utilization.

  • Achieve high effectiveness while saving costs.

2. Building & Organizating the  resources department 

Risk issues 

Failure to build and organize an effective human resources structure can pose significant risks to the business:

  • Low labor productivity and poor performance.

  • Increased costs for recruitment and labor utilization.

  • Risk of violating labor laws, affecting the company's reputation.

GCW's solution 

Professional "Human Resource Structure Development and Organization" services from GCW help businesses:

  • Attract, recruit, utilize, and retain talent.

  • Comply with legal regulations and optimize costs.

  • Create a positive working environment to enhance labor productivity.

3. Human resource recruitment 

Risk issues 

The lack of or underqualified dedicated recruitment personnel can lead to significant risks:

  • Inability to recruit suitable staff in a timely manner, severely affecting production and business operations.

  • Hiring the wrong people, resulting in high costs.

  • Failure to build a reputable employer brand for the company.

GCW's solution 

The professional "Recruitment Services" provided by GCW Company help businesses to:

  • Recruit personnel who are "Right - Sufficient - Timely".

  • Save 70% of costs compared to organizing an in-house recruitment team.

  • Enhance the employer brand reputation of the business.

4. Human resources and salary (C&B/PIT)

Risk issues 

The lack of a professional Human Resources and Payroll Department can lead to severe consequences for businesses:

  • Causing conflicts and labor disputes that reduce productivity and lead to high employee turnover.

  • Non-compliance issues resulting in tax audits.

  • Legal violations, which in severe cases, can lead to criminal liability.

GCW's solution 

Providing professional HR & Payroll services helps businesses address three key issues:

  • Ensuring payroll is calculated correctly according to policies and legal requirements, while optimizing tax.

  • Creating a professional work environment that attracts and retains talent.

  • Saving 70% of the costs compared to maintaining an in-house HR & Payroll department.

5. Outsource Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)

Risk issues 

Most small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam have business owners shouldering the role of HR Director, leading to significant risks:

  • Time-consuming to handle HR tasks takes up a lot of time, affecting health and overall job performance.

  • Lack of time to stay updated on labor laws increases the risk of legal violations.

GCW's solution 

GCW's professional "Outsourced HR Director" service helps businesses:

  • Enhance HR management efficiency.

  • Minimize legal risks and optimize costs.

  • "Free up leadership", allowing the CEO to focus on core business activities.

6. Review Compliance and Optimize Costs for Salary, Social Insurance, and Personal Income Tax

Risk issues 

The majority of businesses in Vietnam often face high-risk issues when reviewing personnel files and accounting records for purposes such as:

  • Tax settlement.

  • Transparency in financial reporting for shareholders.

  • Valuation for fundraising or divestment.

GCW's solution 

The professional "Compliance Review and Optimization of Salary, Social Insurance, Personal Income Tax" service provided by GCW helps businesses:

  • Comply with labor laws to limit penalties or legal liabilities.

  • Coordinate with ATP Accounting Services under WTP Group to efficiently review tax accounting records.

  • Coordinate with valuation and fundraising advisory firms to help businesses quickly achieve their business goals.

Team of experts with many years of experience

Deep expertise and readiness to accompany you from strategy to execution in the role of a professional consultant or Independent Board Member supporting the Board of Directors in achieving business objectives.

Providing consulting services and professional operation

Owning the ecosystems of professional subsidiary companies providing outsourced management services including: Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Financial Accounting Tax, Human Resources, Digital Transformation…

Collaborate with many investment funds and foreign groups

With a team of experts with many years of experience in M&A consulting and investment capital raising, we are ready to collaborate and connect with potential strategic and financial investors, both domestic and international, to facilitate effective capital access.

Connecting a diverse global export network

Possessing an ecosystem of marketing and sales companies for both domestic and export markets to over 20 countries worldwide, we are ready to advise and support Vietnamese businesses in joining the global supply chain.

Reasons to collaborate with us?

The company is experiencing rapid growth

Businesses face challenges in strategic financial and accounting planning, organizing an efficient accounting system to deliver accurate and timely financial reports, ensuring legal compliance, and optimizing operational costs.

The company needs to raise investment capital

Businesses face issues with inaccurate and non-transparent accounting data, and tax risks. These challenges directly impact the company's ability to raise capital and its development prospects.

FDI Company

There is a need to find reliable partners to address issues related to investment licensing, compliance with accounting regulations, tax and labor laws, support with tax refunds, and connecting with the supply chain in Vietnam.

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