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Development for Growth

" GCW - Accompanying businesses in effective capital raising"

The risk issues in investment capital raising

Lack of Human Resource Management Strategy
  • Inability to attract, develop, and retain talents.

  • Low labor productivity, decreased product and service quality.

  • Inefficient operations, low profitability, impacting investor returns

Weak Human Resources Organization
  • Understaffing impacting production and business operations.

  • Low labor productivity, poor efficiency.

  • Increased recruitment and labor utilization costs.

  • Risk of labor law violations affecting the company's reputation.

Lack of Distinct Corporate Culture
  • Employees lacking motivation, low commitment.

  • Internal conflicts easily arise, leading to significant personnel turnover affecting business plans.

  • Difficulty in attracting, developing, and retaining talents, impacting brand reputation

Solutions to Support Investment Capital Raising

Clear Human Resource Management strategy
  • Outsourced HR services enable businesses to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of specialists, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Consultation in planning and implementing effective Human Resource Management strategies assists businesses in increasing valuation and facilitating access to suitable investors."

75% of businesses in the United States utilize outsourced Human Resource Management services to enhance the effectiveness of investment capital raising

Efficient Organization and Operation of Human Resources
  • Outsourced Human Resource Management service providers typically possess high expertise and extensive experience in handling personnel issues, enabling businesses to achieve breakthrough developments.

  • Ensuring timely recruitment and efficient labor utilization to meet productivity goals.

  • Compliance with legal regulations and fostering a strong organizational culture."

Cost Saving in Operations
  • Labor Cost Savings: No need to pay salaries, bonuses, or benefits to in-house administrative staff.

  • Infrastructure Cost Savings: No investment required in infrastructure, facilities, or equipment for personnel.

  • Process Optimization: Outsourced HR Management services often employ efficient management processes, helping businesses save on operational costs.

Our services

Human resource strategy consulting

Building and organizing human resource system

Human resource recruitment

Outsource Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)

Review Compliance and Optimize Costs for Salary, Social Insurance, and Personal Income Tax

Outsourced management services

GCW JSC is a member of the WTP Group, offering professional outsourced management services solutions 'from strategy to execution' to accompany and support enterprises in achieving breakthrough growth and efficiency. Companies within the WTP Group's business ecosystem include

Outsourced Strategic Consulting Services

Outsourced Marketing - Sales Consulting and Implementation Services

Outsourced Financial Accounting Consulting and Implementation Services

Outsourced Human Resources Management Consulting and Implementation Services

Outsourced Digital Transformation Consulting and Deployment Services

Capital Raising and Investment Consulting Services

Modern management mindset

Providing modern management solutions that "unlock leadership potential" allowing the Board of Directors to focus on their business mission.

Tổ chức vận hành hiệu quả

We offer professional Human Resource Management outsourcing services, encompassing strategic planning to execution, aimed at enhancing competitive capabilities

Growing together

Not only serving as a financial and accounting partner, but the business support ecosystem of WTP Group also addresses sales, marketing, human resources, and capital mobilization challenges.

Our different values

Compliance and cost optimization

Acting as an experienced, highly qualified consultant, assisting in compliance with legal regulations, and leveraging policies to optimize costs.

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